Relationship Coach Geralyn St. Joseph

From Feeling Isolated to Embracing Healthy Connection

Generational Healing Through Aka Cord Removal – Healing the Mother Wound

Being a mother myself, this issue hits close to home. I am aware that, for most people, they do not fully come into their own until they are ‘released’ from their parents’ influence. That release may come from a complete physical separation, having done the energetic and psychological work, or, most commonly, death. Until that is accomplished, we are seen as children by our parents, and ourselves.

We carry within us the scars and lessons of our lineage, especially our parents. In this process we focus on the mother wound. On a greater scale, it is the wounded feminine that we address, that we share, that we explore and that we heal. This process is not just for women, it is for men also.

All of us carry the masculine and feminine within us. As we heal ourselves, we help those around us and heal our lineage. 

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